7 Horror Movies Based on REAL Events

We all know that the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was based on the story of Ed Gein, that 127 Hours is inspired by the actual feeling of talking to James Franco for a minute, but did you know that Nightmare on Elm Street, The Hills Have Eyes and The Conjuring 2 all genuinely take inspiration from genuine events which genuinely actually happened?

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The 1977 version and the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes cover the story of a family whose car breaks down in an area inhabited by mutated psycho cannibals, and both are set in the modern day. 

The Amityville Horror movies are based on a book by author Jay Anson released in 1977, which claims to have documented the real experiences of the Lutz family after moving in to their new home, 112 Ocean Avenue.

Surely the story of a burnt guy with knives for fingers who dresses like a goth kid to murder you in your dreams can't be based on a real story, can it? 

The Dentist was a poorly received 1996 movie which gave a bit part to a then unknown and not yet woke Mark Ruffalo, and it concerned the story of a dental surgeon who goes on a hallucinogenic killing spree after finding out his wife is boning the pool guy.

2005's Wolf Creek told the story of two British tourists backpacking across Australia with their Aussie friend from Sydney, and after being taken captive, tortured and then escaping, they spend the rest of the movie being hunted down through the outback by a serial killer who's more beast than man. 

The second Conjuring movie which hit cinemas earlier this year is based on the true story of the Enfield poltergeist, which is said to have terrorised two young sisters living in a council house in Enfield, England during the 1970's.

Forget one movie, how about a tale so weird and creepy it inspired a whole bunch, including The Blair Witch Project, An American Haunting and several crappy movies with some variation of the name Bell Witch in them.