The Mummy's Hand - 1940. Enhanced Video and Audio: Complete Horror/Monst...

They dared the curse of the ancients... to solve the most amazing mystery ever encountered by mortal man! 

I have taken this film, The Mummy's Hand - 1940 and cleaned up the audio and video as best I can. Enjoy other enhanced and improved films on my channel. Thank you for watching and please enjoy!

The Mummy's Hand - Short Synopsis: An ancient mummy is revived to destroy the invaders of the 3,000 year-old tomb of an Egyptian princess. 

The Mummy's Hand - Full Synopsis: A couple of comical, out-of-work archaeologists (Dick Foran and Wallace Ford) in Egypt discover evidence of the burial place of the ancient Egyptian princess Ananka. After receiving funding from an eccentric magician (Cecil Kellaway) and his beautiful daughter (Peggy Moran), they set out into the desert only to be terrorized by a sinister high priest (George Zucco) and the living mummy Kharis (Tom Tyler) who are the guardians of Ananka^√ís tomb. 

Written by - Griffin Jay, Maxwell Shane. Directed by - Christy Cabanne. 
Edited by - Philip Cahn, Cinematography - Elwood Bredell. Starring Dick Foran, Peggy Moran, Wallace Ford, Cecil Kellaway, Eduardo Ciannelli, George Zucco and Tom Tyler

The Mummy's Hand - 1940. Enhanced Video and Audio: Complete Horror Film With Subtitles