Aleister Crowley Inside the Great Pyramid Redux [FULL DOCUMENTARY]

This new documentary looks at a number of historical events, including Aleister Crowley entering the Great Pyramid with an ancient book of Black Magic and invokes seventy-two of the primary demons from hell - the 30th anniversary of Crowley's Giza ceremony is commemorated with the placing of the eye-on-the-pyramid Great Seal on the American dollar bill. Crowley reported odd events that occurred within the pyramid. In his biography he wrote the following: ”
The documentary goes inside the King’s Chamber as Crowley says it was aglow as if with the brightest tropical moonlight. The pitiful dirty yellow flame of the candle was like a blasphemy, and I put it out. Watch more in-depth and uncensored episodes on THE ENIGMA CHANNEL .

The documentary starts by investigating how Vatican priests were hired by French nobility in the medieval era to summon demons in gory rituals - this story includes some little know facts about Joan of Arc.