Wrong Time Bread, Wrong Place Fairies - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog

If you're in the habit of taking sandwiches to work, you may find they bring an added bonus beyond lunchtime nourishment. Dr Beachcombing takes a look at an old English superstition that carrying a piece of bread in one's pocket keeps fairy mischief at bay. Over at Ancient Origins, the social and spiritual aspects of Fairy Folk are examined in The Origins of the Faeries in our Cultures - Part I and The Origins of the Faeries: Changes in Conscious Perception - Part II. Of course, fairies and witches have always been linked in folklore, but while the former often get good press, the latter rarely do. Dana Matthews revisits a disturbing case from 1980s Italy in The Modern Day Witch Trial of Carole Compton: How a Scottish Nanny was Arrested for Witchcraft. (LP)

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