Witness Report: The Conjuring 2 Causing Frightening Ghostly Activity in Viewers’ Homes - Week in Weird

Looks like The Conjuring 2 is making the news once again, this time for DVD initiated hauntings, or so the reports would indicate. While we would be irresponsible to suggest such a thing was impossible, we'd like to point out that it could also be one heck of a publicity stunt. We remain cautiously skeptical for the time being and await more news on the subject.  While we're waiting, who among our readers has heard of Strange Airwaves: Mysterious and Spooky Unexplained Radio Broadcasts? For decades now mysterious numbers stations have been transmitting from either unknown or inexplicable locations, for purposes that remain completely unclear. Are these stations sending out covert transmissions for nefarious purposes? Or are they interdimensional broadcasts? No governments to date have accepted responsibility so for now, it's anyone's guess. (CM)

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