What is a Fairy Blast? - Haunted Ohio

Humans have long had the tendency to assign paranormal causes to situations and events that are essentially very normal but not easily explained. No doubt this characteristic helped give rise to religion and superstitions. Fairy blasts are no different. Persons demonstrating symptoms of what we now know to be disassociation and personality disorders were said to be suffering from the fairy blast. Still another example of ignorance begetting stories of supernatural causation are The Most Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Phantom Attackers. As members of the 21st century with access to a variety of media, it's easy for us to see parallels between "phantom" attacks and stealthy assailants who terrorize  their victims. But less than a hundred years ago, goings on such as described in this post seemed inexplicable and terrifying. Something else inexplicable and a little terrifying was the philosophy of Father Amorth: Leader of the World’s Exorcists is Dead. Blaming practices such as yoga or reading Harry Potter books for the increase in what he believed were possessions, he believed that some Vatican priests and cardinals were members of satantic sects. In spite of what we think may have been misguidance,  Father Amorth set the standard for all exorcisms performed by the Catholic Church and he will be greatly missed. (CM)

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