We Now Interrupt This Broadcast: Mysterious Television Transmissions - Mysterious Universe

Remember broadcast television? Brent Swancer does and he takes us down memory lane for some nostalgic weird. A magical time where aliens warned Earth before invasion. On-air spankings of computer-generated characters. Zombies! Nowadays we'd bear witness to fake Amber Alerts and other forms of postmodern mass hysteria. There's a 19th century resonance uncovered by Chris Woodyard in the account of Mrs. Hopper's Mysterious End where people saw the eponymous's doppelgänger(s) before her untimely death. But did these events really happen, or could they the bastard child of déjà vu and folie à deux where people (mis)remember another reality? Welcome To The Wacky World Of The 'Mandela Effect' and Douglas McPherson's our guide to worlds that weren't, or aren't, anymore. (CS)

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