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Deep philosophical questions, like those surrounding animals, often fall on willfully deaf ears. Even when it comes to folks considered scions of science. Instead they get 'stuck on stupid', repeating obvious facts without context to their situation. Making matters worse, according to Sam Kriss, they're celebrated as stalwart defenders of something that doesn't need defending. Before rolling your eyes and closing this tab, it's not just us woo-peddlers calling shenanigans on mainstream science. A new paper from Royal Society Open Science hit Peter Dockrill's desk outlining how Science As We Know It Is Evolving Into Something Shoddy And Unreliable. There is more to science than facts, as there are truths leading to questions which reveal facts to broaden our understanding of our world. This is the crux of Sarah Cate Baker's observation of Physics, Philosophy, And The Space Inbetween and the need for a multidisciplinary appreciation of science.

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