Unexplained Stone Structures Found Off Australia’s Coast - Mysterious Universe

It's beginning to seem as if the experts know nothing at all about the history of the world. Archeologists with the University of Western Australia have found structures off the coastline which, if their hunch is right, are going to rewrite everything we know about human history. Now moving across the Indian ocean, we have a Mysterious Secret Passage Found In Ancient Ruins. Archeologists from Ankara University in Turkey have been excavating the site since 2014 and are excited that the passage might have held a ceremonial significance at one time. Finally, if you'd like to travel almost 3000 kms northwest, you can join the  Search for the Fourth Circle of the Hurlers on Bodmin Moor. First excavated in the 1930s, the original three stone circles are only partially intact but studies indicate a fourth circle may be nearby. An excavation aimed at finding this missing circle will be taking place September 13-18, and interested parties are invited to participate. (CM)

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