UFOs and the Nuclear Option - UFO Conjecture(s)

Some UFO buffs believe that ETs have been watching us seriously since the beginning of the nuclear age because they are concerned that earthlings might export their favorite pastime, tribal warfare, onto the big galactic stage. Rich Reynolds scoffs at this idea, and questions whether any atomic explosion would even register in some laboratory in a far, far away zip code. Maybe the writer was reacting to suggestions that the recent SpaceX explosion had nefarious and possibly alien overtones: UFO Spotted at SpaceX Explosion. We will wait until, hopefully, a professional photo analyst publishes something on the case. And does the video in Arizona UFO Returns Multiple Times Same Night really show the identical sphere? More interesting may be this report: Basketball-sized UFO Crosses Witness Property at Tree Line. No photographic evidence here--only a witness illustration--but the purported object was at tree-top level and at least for part of the period between those local Massachusetts trees and the observer. (WM)

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