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A sighting potpourri for today. First up: something that looks like a thorny plant seed is the subject of three photos and a story of a multi-witnessed UFO landing from back in 1973. The expert who analyzed the negatives was said to have found no evidence of fraud or fakery. Then we have Man Photographs Eight UFOs and Some Aliens in Three Months which presents a rather light-hearted look at the "UFO Photographs" a man calling himself "John Mooner" sent to a Devon, UK, news site. Can you find the aliens in the photos? Elsewhere, "Invisible" UFO Over UK Revealed by Police Thermal Cameras in Shock Footage has a much more solid source for the images presented. The St Athan Wales twitter feed mentioned in the article makes for interesting reading; see Any Suggestions?? Nothing Seen by Local ATC.... And, lastly, a Missouri Witness Photographs Silent Hovering Sphere gives us an interesting series of shots taken on September 19, 2016, of what looks a bit like a very slow-moving weather balloon, although close-ups seem a bit more mysterious. (WM)

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