UFO Claims Backed Up by Second Sighting - The Courier

Reports of confusing aerial phenomena dominate today's posts. Dundee, Scotland, has produced a couple of daylight disc sightings recently. In both cases (a link to the first report is embedded in this article ) the witnesses appear to be thoughtful and honestly relating what they had seen, and the brief report is not as dismissive as some of the comments. Patch.com local media sources tell us Where have UFOs Been Sighted in Michigan? and Where have UFOs Been Spotted above Long Island? [MAP]. Both articles deal with sightings reported to Peter Davenport's National UFO Reporting Center, and have helpful links to that important site so that readers can learn about more sightings and reporting their own. They also provide NUFORC's guidelines for reporting. However, the rest of each local version evinces a lack of knowledge on the part of its writer and has to get in a dismissive "jab" or two towards the subject. Proof of Aliens? Tourists Flock to American Hotspot to Communicate with Martians blares the Daily Star, with subtext "UFO Hunters have been making contact with alien life at this spot near Area 51." The article assures its UK audience that, of the tens of thousands of UFO sightings that have already occurred across the globe, "Most of these seem to happen in the USA and there are certain states in particular that claim to be buzzing with extraterrestrial life." (WM)

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