Truth� and MJ-12 - A Different Perspective

A docudrama about CBS’s look into supposed preferential treatment accorded George W. Bush by the Air National Guard has given Kevin Randle another perspective in attacking the credibility of the MJ-12 documents. In both the MJ-12 and purported Bush documents cases, Randle argues, very basic questions failed to be asked by those who wanted the documents to be genuine. In a subsequent Randle post entitled Truth", MJ-12 and Fatal Flaws, Randle finds “many little flaws� in the main MJ-12 document, the Eisenhower Briefing document, and in the CBS memos about Bush and his service as well as a blockbuster “fatal flaw� in both cases that transcends details of typography and such. His expose of these fabrications seems sound and is a good read. (WM)

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