The Time Eye: Nuts And Bolts Of A Biological Future Detector - The Nightshirt

Retrocausality is now a thing. Eric Wargo's not talking pie-in-the-sky woo with 5D Lemurian crystals, but hard data suggesting causality and information flow both ways in spacetime. Nobody knows how it works, especially in the biological context of precognition, but the same goes for quantum entanglement which may go hand-in-hand with retrocausation. And if you thought quantum entanglement's action was spooky, get ready to pop several Ativan and chase it with whiskey after learning about 'frustrated spontaneous emission'. If you're curious about voices similar to those heard by the former CIA agent, Christian Jarrett learned A Lot Of Voice Hearing Isn't An Auditory Experience At All and most people who do 'hear' are perfectly sane. Perhaps Julian Jaynes was a bit quick to declare humanity's bicameral mind a thing of the past. There are plenty more mysteries of the mind, like recent headlines of Humans Having A Sixth Sense About Being Watched with hard data backing up a concept popularized by Rupert Sheldrake. Thing is, how many sixth senses can a human being have? (CS)

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