The Shocking Truth Behind The 10,000 Animal Mutilations In America’s Heartland - NY Post

Still not had enough of cattle mutes? Then the New York Post has two articles for you. The first comes from an upcoming book, The 37th Parallel: The Secret Truth behind America’s UFO Highway which deals dramatically with ufologist Chuck Zukowski’s work on the 50-year-old mystery of cattle mutilations; it highlights the real human cost of such events, whatever their cause. The second piece, The Man Who Chases Aliens on America’s 'Paranormal Highway' concerns itself more with the story behind the book. This includes Zukowski’s larger grand theory that a selection of UFO cases proves there is something about the 37th degree of latitude across America that links cattle mutilations, UFO sightings (including even the Mantell incident), and other anomalies such as the Taos "Hum." Hmmm. (WM)

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