The Shaver Fiction = Carrion’s Latest, Part II - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle now publishes Brad Sparks’ rebuttal to James Carrion’s rebuttal in the continuing debate of Carrion’s Human Deception Hypothesis behind UFO events in 1947 and beyond. Charging Carrion with inconsistency and confident assertions of fact that travel beyond the evidence, Sparks focuses on the service activities and position Carrion has ascribed to Colonel Carl E. Goldbranson, who is central to the Carrion hypothesis. Jack Brewer continues his support of Carrion in Further Research is Justified. Now Brewer advances the view that Carrion’s proposal of 1947 UFO events as intelligence deceptions was just that, a proposal and not a hard and fast assertion. Brewer further argues that “Mirage Men� productions may very well explain “select cases�, if not the whole flying saucer phenomenon. Some of the “Comments� discussion to these posts is interesting, and those so interested should check the Carrion, Randle, and Brewer sites for more. (WM)

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