The 'Real X-files' -- MUFON -- Motivated By Increasing Interest in UFOs, Company Orders Rebrand - The Drum News

The importance of Belief is the thread coursing through today's articles. The Mutual UFO Network "company" is seeking a new message to sell to a public that "wants to believe". The power of belief even runs through Real Conspiracies and Conspiracy Stories That Sell -- Part 1. The author, Eric Oueltlet, explores the relationship between UFO belief and both secrets and conspiracies. Belief can bind people together in a conspiracy: family values hold Mafia organizations together, and fear of Fascism helped preserve many Allied secrets during World War II. On the micro level, fear of personal retribution can keep some people bound to a cult while others remain enmeshed in its creeds. Yet competing values or a secret that turns out to be immoral can crack a conspiracy. We'll have to wait for Part II to see the complete application to ufology. Do You Believe in UFOs? asks a woman who took video of what she believes to be a genuine Unknown. "Nothing cool ever happens to me! So I believe it was a UFO!" she says. This need to believe is echoed and amplified in Kindred of the Cosmos. Whether one believes Elsie's story or agrees with Lon who tells it, in some cases Belief itself may seem a precious thing. (WM)

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