The Persistent Beast; An Ongoing Habituation In Pennsylvania - Linda Godfrey's Blog

Autumn approaches and the hairy beasts are out. We start with a tale of an unfriendly bipedal creature making itself at home on the property of a Pennsylvanian woman. And when we say "making himself at home" we don't mean tea and cookies, we mean making his host feel most unwelcome and more than a little bit frightened. Is This Bigfoot? Man Claims To Have Experienced A Close Encounter With The Elusive 'Yeti' In Welsh Woodland. Sorry to burst this Bigfoot enthusiast's bubble, but this looks like a whole lot of pareidolia mixed with a big desire to meet a Sasquatch. Not that we blame him--we'd probably be guilty of the same mistake under similar circumstances. Next we have in Argentina: Cattle Mutilations in the Patagones District. This is an odd case because none of the typical carrion eaters want anything to do with the carcass, which brings to mind all sorts of interesting scenarios. If you want to really get your investigator juices flowing, tune into the Paracast and listen to David Weatherly and Lyle Blackburn discuss all things squatchy.. (CM)

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