The Mystery Satellites - Jim Harold

Micah Hanks focuses on the many unidentified "satellites" reportedly found in earth orbit since the 1950s. Data is either inconclusive or conveniently hidden away, but for now we must satisfy ourselves with the explanations of space and satellite debris cluttering our skies...and moving in orbital directions and manners that at the present time we cannot explain. It's difficult to identify an object that was moving through the skies 70 years ago. But what about Alien Signal Detected By Russian Astrophysicists Turns Out To Be Terrestrial Disturbance? Picked up by the Ratan-600 radio telescope at the Zelenchukskaya observatory in the North Caucasus Republic of Karachay-Cherkessia, the signal was thought to have originated from somewhere in the region of the Hercules constellation. Russian astrophysicists are now claiming that the signal was terrestrial in origin. Ooops, easy mistake to make. Who hasn't confused data coming in from the stars light years away with data coming in from the ground beneath our feet? Prepare to put on your shocked faces as NASA does what it seems to do best lately, issue disclaimers. Now NASA Claims Strange Saturn Ring Bulge is an Optical Illusion. Issuing a statement that could put even a corporate lawyer to sleep, NASA whitewashes--errr...we mean, clearly explains to the public--that the bulges in Saturn's B ring are nothing more than "opposition surge," and most definitely not huge spaceships as claimed by former NASA scientist Dr.Norman Bergrun in Ringmakers of Saturn. (CM)

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