The Famed Antikythera Shipwreck Just Got More Mysterious - Mysterious Universe

Mysterious? More like spooky because divers found a skeleton amidst the wreckage which gave up the fêted Antikythera Mechanism. Brett Tingley takes it at face value these bones aren't those of an anunnaki since the circumstances are particularly noteworthy. Let alone the fact sciencists may be able to extract this poor soul's DNA. Meanwhile, evidence mounts for how Humans Are To Blamed For The Loss Of Our Prehistoric Hobbits based on the discovery of two human teeth. C.S.I Flores, and John Elder, have their work cut out for them to crack this cold case. Further down the timeline, and without invoking those aliens-of-the-gaps, Many Aspects Of Pyramid Construction Are Still A Mystery. If you're not familiar with these heretofore uncrackable nuts, Hope Babowice's laundry list is a great primer to keep handy. (CS)

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