The Dog-Awful Truth Behind "Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains" - Spectral Vision

Dogmen are the Jan Brady of cryptozoology, whining "Bigfoot, Bigfoot, Bigfoot!" as the big ol' ape continues to steal headlines. Not anymore, as Sean Casteel serves up a buffet of dogmen sightings beyond your wildest imaginings. Still not satisifed? Pick up your copy of Cryptid Creatures From Dark Domains for the bits he missed! Catching the zeitgeist of the election year, Linda Godfrey stumps for a third-party candidate we can all believe in. Beast Of Bray Road For President! Why settle for a lesser evil? For you conservative forteans who maintain sasquatch is the only game in the forest, Brent Swancer has a passel of Truly Strange Cases Of People Kidnapped By Bigfoot over the years. Be aware, some of these encounters are kinda sexy. (CS)

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