The Ancient Art of Memory & the Modern Science of Dreaming - New Dawn Magazine

Eric Wargo skillfully ties together the dual phenomena of memory and dreams. No more do we turn to repetition to remember what we must not forget. Neither do we disregard our dreams as expressions of our deepest desires or darkest fears. Our memories are lit up when we allow our imagination, our sense of the ridiculous and inane, to come to the surface and fill our working brains with imagery. It follows then that when we dream, the confusing and often outlandish imagery and dialogue are outlining our memories of the previous day in bold ink. We dream to remember. To remember we must dream. Elsewhere, In Comparison: Four Transcendental Requests. For as long as there have been trance mediums and alien contactees, there have been directives given from entities beyond the veil to their channels. From the simple request of laying flowers at an altar for those who have passed, to the establishment of sanctuaries, temples, and universities, there seems to be no end of confidence from the other side regarding our capabilities over here to carry out their requests. One ponders at the forceful nature of many of these instructions, however--where does one draw the line between divine inspiration and mental illness? (CM)

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