That Dorsal Fin Photograph - Loch Ness Monster

Yep, it's a dorsal fin and Glasgow Boy does the legwork to prove it's not a fake. While it may not be Nessie, there's plenty of doubt for this being a wayward dolphin. If you're not fully stoked on the enduring mystery of Nessie, here's Yet Another Mysterious Picture showing two somethings lurking in the loch. Not much in the way of analysis, but our audience is sharp enough to draw their own conclusions from the photos and Ian Campbell's accompanying testimony. Perhaps you're not a visual kinda person? We heard about a Man Recording "Alien" Sounds Emanating From A Rhode Island Forest and, boy howdy, they're eerie. Dana Matthews wouldn't be surprised if it's centered on a local radio tower, but there's nothing wrong with letting one's imagination run away with themselves. (CS)

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