Tasmanian Tiger Carcass From The 1980s? - Tasmania Talks

Here's a snap from the eighties that folks are touting as proof of the thylacine's endurance. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence, and Brian Carlton invites Bill Flowers from the Thylacine Research Group to give it a once-over. His conclusion may, or may not, surprise you. Hot on the heels of last week's thylacine video, a Gumtree User Posts A Tongue-In-Cheek Ad Seeking A Tasmanian Tiger 'For Breeding'. In case you missed it, Ashleigh Davis has a few screenshots from the footage of this purported cryptid. Despite these headlines Australia's coming across downright sober while It's Getting Crazy At Loch Ness, and Glasgow Boy wants you to come visit! The fun begins with a crazy new photo, a 'Monster Masterclass', and possible sightings of Nessie coming ashore to lay her eggs. Before life gets too twisted, cool down with Linda Godfrey continuing her investigation of a Persistent Pennsylvania Beast that may be a dogman or bigfoot. Review the evidence and judge for yourself 'cause we're convinced! (CS)

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