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Chris Woodyard is curious to know more about the Rev Dr Richard R Schleusner of the Church of Modern Spiritualism. In the early 20th century he became known for supposed spirit communication via photos and wireless, none of which convinces us today. After 1913 he disappears until his death in 1928 and Chris wonders if anyone can enlighten her on what the doctor was doing in the intervening years. Ghosts of a different variety are overviewed by Brent Swancer in Spooky Tales of Real Phantom Ghost Riders. We've all heard of headless horsemen, but it seems there's no shortage of phantom headless motorcyclists in the US and beyond. In northern England, a tale of a headless horseman is the least distressing story associated with an area of desolate moorland as related in New Murder at the Haunted Woodhead Tunnels in England. The former railway tunnel at Woodhead has long been closed but reports of the horseman and of eerie cries in the tunnel are well known, enhanced by the notorious 'Moors Murders' of the 1960s which happened nearby. Several children were brutally slain by a local couple and the story still sends a shudder down the collective British spine. Now the tunnel has a new murder and police are investigating. Meanwhile, Dr Beachcombing turns our attention across the water to Norway where A Royal Ghost: Harald the Something likes to hang around a local garage, and back in the US, Greg Newkirk tells a cautionary tale from his teenage years about the Hidden Dangers of Ghost Hunting: The Time I Accidentally Investigated a Meth Lab for Paranormal Activity. (LP)

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