Skinwalker Ranch Activity Shifts From Paranormal To Prosecutable -

A fabled hotspot for paranormal activity has proven to be a magnet for encounters of the unwanted human kind, prompting its current owner to ask that the portion of Hicken Ranch Road traversing the Utah property be vacated (no longer considered a public county road). Presumably, such an action would make it more legal, if not necessarily easier, to deal with constant incursions by would-be "researchers," otherwise termed trespassers, vandals, and thieves. A Uintah Basin resident representing "Skinwalker Ranch" property owner Adamantium Real Estate in the matter indicated that the company is associated with aerospace entrepreneur and National Institute for Discovery Science founder Robert Bigelow, who was titular owner of the ranch from 1996 to April of this year. The request for vacation was tabled pending the agreement of all affected parties. More details are in the Minutes of the July 18, 2016 Uintah County Commission meeting. (WM)

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