Psychics Call On Police To Dig Up Forest To Solve Renee Macrae Murder Mystery - Express

In an unexpected plot twist, psychics in Scotland have contacted police in order to solve a cold case--and are being ignored. We can understand the authorities being too busy to go on a wild goose chase, but there is genuine evidence indicating something odd went on the in the highlands. Sounds to us like some esoteric bigotry on the part of the Inverness police force. In fairness to the cops, it doesn't help when stories like this next one hit the news: 'Ghost' Caught On Camera At Bodmin Jail As Green Light Seen Gliding Past Clairvoyant Into Prison Cell. Granted, it could have been a spectral presence that was caught on camera. And considering the history of Bodmin Jail it probably was a presence of some unhappy sort. But we'd like to suggest to all researchers that releasing findings that are at best utterly inconclusive are probably not the way to get taken seriously. Just saying. But perhaps the goal isn't for meaty news reporting. Maybe it's to cause a group-induced panic: London̢۪s Haunted Highgate Cemetery isn̢۪t Just a Haven for Ghosts, it has a Vampire Lurking in its Shadows. Read the accounts of locals who have chosen to walk through the cemetery at night, and see if it doesn't sound like the "witnesses" are experiencing what they think they should be experiencing, and not what is actually going on. Think about it. (CM)

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