Phantom Ships and Déjà Vu - Fortean Ireland

Fishing ships in Ireland pursued by phantom vessels? If history is to be believed, and if history truly repeats itself, then yes, phantom vessels are laying in collisions courses with other crafts. Of course, the other possibility is that foggy nights are part of the natural environment and sailors get a bit spooked when they've tippled the rum. In other news, Why the Soviets Sponsored a Doomed Expedition to a Hollow Earth Kingdom? The kingdom of Shambhala, straddling both the here and the other, captured the imaginations and political aspirations of world leaders in 1926, all without actually appearing on any world map. The discoverers/conquerers of this land inside the hollow Earth would hold the favor of the forces of good, thereby establishing stronger political support. Kind of makes us want to poke around some research installations in the Arctic just to see what's been found so far...(CM)

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