Patience Worth and the Problem of Bias - Paranormalia

Robert McLuhan has his hands full as editor of the new PSI Encyclopedia. Faced with the task of presenting material that neither supports the skeptics nor the absolute believers but instead offers a balanced view of everything paranormal, he is already participating in verbal sparring matches with readers. But there is a different flavor to these civilized discussions, as evidenced by this particular debate about the origin of Patience Worth, the entity channeled by Pearl Lenore Curran. Robert is proving himself up for the task as editor and we look forward to the PSI Encyclopedia taking its place among serious online reference material. And while we debate whether Patience was the result of a frustrated unconscious or a separate metaphysical entity, we need to also include in the discussion How Psychic Helen Greaves First Learned about Mediumship. A medium about whom little is known, Helen authored five metaphysical books. It could be said these books lacked much in the way of objectivity, with the reports within colored by the witnesses relaying the information. Although a fascinating read, these books underline clearly the challenge of personal bias in all paranormal research. (CM)

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