Paranormal Prowler? Mysterious Shadow Figure Captured Stalking Man On Security Camera - Week in Weird

There is no shortage of alleged paranormal entities to fear. Dana Matthews tells of a home broken into by a strange intruder. No details of when or there this took place. But there is a photo of someone in silhouette, which is interpreted as a Shadow Man. In another post Dana is Investigating the Link Between the “Shadow Man� Phenomenon and the Terrifying “Hat Man� Visitations. The Hat Man is always seen wearing a wide-brimmed hat (stylish), has no distinct facial features (probably because of the hat), is usually described as a solid black mass (probably because it's dark), and seems to float silently above the ground (because no one sees its legs). Meanwhile Paul Seaburn reports on Another Sighting of a Humanoid in a Bean Field, a case from 1965 in Kent, Washington. Do these guys have a taste for legumes? Next David Weatherly reports on BEKs On A Country Road reported when a man in the Army reserves and his cousin encounter two boys outside Ft. Campbell, Kentucky. When they stopped for directions, the boys said nothing, but "their eyes were as black as coal." Lastly we have Xeni Jardin who reports that Iceland's Powerful Elf Lobby Wins Fight To Unearth Elfin Lady Stone Buried By Construction Workers. Those who believe in elves--and apparently many in Iceland do--say that highway workers seriously pissed off the elves when the workers buried their "elfin lady stone," which was part of their habitat. (PH)

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