New Study Finds That Major Earthquakes Are Likely Caused by Lunar Forces - Daily Grail

Man's ongoing search for accurate earthquake prediction may have found an important clue. A lengthy study by the University of Tokyo has found a correlation between phases of the moon and big earthquakes. "The mechanisms underlying this connection are not clear," but perhaps this research may hold a vital key and ultimately save lives. Even less predictable are Nessie sightings and Glasgow Boy tells us of A Little Known Nessie Sighting found in an overlooked extract from a 1968 book Highland Year describing a clear sighting of a beastie that looked "like the dark-coloured head and neck of a giraffe." Southeast at Hull, on the banks of the Humber, Paul Seaburn tells us that a New Watch Begins for the Humber Monster of Hull. Going back to the 1880s there have been reports of some large creature in the waters of this famous river and one wonders if the city's forthcoming "UK City of Culture" status will be enhanced by the monster's legend. Staying with watery subjects, Esoterex writes Gallipoli Dowsing: When Falling from a Great Height, Try Flapping Your Arms. During this infamous WWI campaign, the lack of water was a serious issue, but remarkably was solved by Aussie Sapper Stephen Kelly who was mentioned in dispatches for his ability to find great quantities of the stuff by dowsing with a copper rod. (LP)

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