Mystery "Blazing Red" Lights Spotted Hovering over Birmingham Baffle Brummies' - Daily Star

Something that looks like a contrail distorted by upper atmospheric winds is the source of a couple of photographs and a story that had Brits agog last week. A commenter suggests a parachute flare and this may very well be the case. It sure is pretty. Not so much is A Pre-Roswell UFO Crash? Rich Reynolds posted this without comment from the Amazon book description of MO41, The Bombshell Before Roswell, but it seems that the commenters and, we are sure, Rich himself are not impressed with the book. Looking into reviews by those who actually read the thing, it appears that the book will do nothing to elevate the status of the Cape Girardeau Missouri 1941 "UFO crash" any closer to a reality. Somewhat more valuable may be Flying Saucers Are Real, reviewed in Nature at The Rise and Fall of the UFO. The predominantly dismissive review seems to have been written by someone without much knowledge of, and less interest in, the larger subject of UFOs. The book presents a subset of Jack Womack's collection of UFO memorabilia housed at Georgetown University Library. One conversant in the field may appreciate this pricey excursion into the known and almost-unknown of mid-20th century UFO and contactee books. (WM)

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