Mysterious Light Draws Thrill Seekers to Michigan Forest - MSN News

There is poetry in mystery; facts are just dull prose. At least that might be a takeaway from this short piece on the continuing 60-year-old story about an enigmatic light regularly observed near a small town in MichiganĂ¢€™s western Upper Peninsula. Whether the light itself has been debunked, the story tells us much about folklore in the making and the will to believe. At Magonia, Gareth Medway skips the boring stuff about lights in the sky and takes us on a long tour through the ages into the folkloric aspects of current human reports of sex and procreation with aliens in Orgies of the Gods?. But studying past cases gets us nowhere, we are told in in an episode of The Paracast featuring Dr. Robert Davis with Goggs Mackay. Due to the lack of scientific evidence Davis is largely agnostic about the UFO phenomenon, but he is sure that it is real, that its study needs an overhaul, and that ET is almost surely insufficient to describe the full spectrum of reports and their possible causes. Davis presents his ideas on what might just move ufology forward, encouraged by the preliminary results of the Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial EncounterĂ¢€™s survey of over 2800 individuals who report conscious memories of an abduction. (WM)

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