Latest Near-Death Experience Research Hit Job - Skepiko

Alex Tsakiris interviews one of the authors of the latest NDE book, Near-Death Experiences: Understanding Visions of the Afterlife, and it's not pretty. Tsakiris questions Dr. Mitchell-Yellin regarding his lack of research into the topic of the book, as well as how the doctor was able to obtain funding for his project from the John Templeton Foundation. This is a worthwhile interview so give it a listen. If all this has left you in the mood for a bit of debate, try this topic: Mayan Calendar Similar to Ancient Chinese: Early Contact?. Is it just us, or is ancient Chinese history in need of a rewrite? Earlier this week we mentioned the possibility that China was settled by the Egyptians. And now we learn that as the Egyptians were building towns and cities in China, the Chinese were over in Central America learning about time keeping from the Mayans. Or maybe they were teaching the Mayans. All possibilities seem to be up for grabs. (CM)

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