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Sarah Parcek, an archeologist whose name you may recognize from her recent TED Talk, wants to uncover the hundreds of thousands of lost civilization sites around the world. Seems like a big job for one archeologist, but Sarah has a plan. She is building an online citizen-science tool called GlobalXplorer with the goal of training volunteers to "find and protect our hidden heritage". For more information, and to volunteer, go to the Global Xplorer website. For anyone who would like to solve an additional mystery, we bring you The Cambodian 'Stegosaur' - An Anachronism From Angkor Wat? Outside the Tah Prom temple in Cambodia is a 900-year-old glyph of what seems to be a stegosaurus. The question remains--how did the monks at Tah Prom know what a stegosaurus looked like? Were these prehistoric creatures still in existence in twelfth century Cambodia? Or was the glyph inspired by fossilized remains? Or simply a stroke of luck? Which leads us to our next question: Is Anything Truly Random or Is There an Underlying Order to Everything? Modern physics tells us that certain quantum processes are most assuredly random. However, quantum theory hasn't filled in all the gaps and it remains possible that quantum randomness is not actually all that random. Physicists are searching for a new theory that can make accurate predictions of random events--a Theory of Everything. It's all rather brain twisting...(CM)

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