Japanese Study Finds That 1 in 5 Dying Patients Experienced Deathbed Visions of Deceased Loved Ones or the Afterlife - D...

Seems like the other side is getting easier and easier to access lately. Not sure if we should be worried about that...Japanese medical professionals have reported that about 20% of the terminal patients being treated experience visions of loved ones who have passed over, or even the afterlife itself. Sort of a sneak preview to make the main attraction less frightening. Speaking of attractions,Ordering Special Effects for the Séance Room was part of being a profitable business person/medium not so long ago. Snake oil anyone? In case anyone got too greedy, there were always stories about Alabama Treasure Ghosts. Some folks would call it treasure hunting, or even tomb raiding. Seems the spirits that attached themselves to treasure called it like they saw it--grave robbing. That never worked out well for the hunters. (CM)

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