Is Ball Lightning a Portal to Another Universe? - Daily Grail

We are fascinated by ball lightning. While its reality seems unquestionable, its properties remain mysterious. We are also Peter Sturrock fans and find his hypothesis on the character of this phenomenon to be eminently worthwhile. Bravo. But we don't know what to think about the subject or subjects of Nevada Camper Captures UFO in Video. Good luck to the MUFON investigator looking into this year-old incident! Another story that has had our heads spinning is the John Keel-Jaye Paro story in Special Cases -- The Long Island File (8): Keel Follows Through. Continuing Keel's fascination with and valiant attempts to unravel the strange mystery he had stepped into, this post should only whet the appetite of those unfamiliar with Keel's journey into the unknown, and likely also interest those more conversant. Shop Talk with Gene, Chris and Goggs has the three Paracasters touching upon such topics as UFO "con-men", the Disclosure Movement, the potential difficulties in establishing dialogue with an ET civilization, and Chris' account of the January 12, 1994 "NORAD Event", before the last two segments move away from the paranormal. And lastly, in Real Visitors, Voices from Beyond and Parallel Dimensions Kevin Randle discusses the part of the recent book by Brad and Sherry Steiger that deals with the Philadelphia Experiment. Randle thinks that the Steigers have finally put this hoax to bed. Let us hope so. (WM)

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