Interview with Ben Moss and Tony Angiola (Zamora Sighting) - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle provides a concise summary of, and link to, his recent X-Zone Broadcast Network interview with the two Virginia MUFON investigators and Hangar 1 TV stars who report new information on the April 24, 1964, Socorro, New Mexico, CEI, II, and III sighting. Randle also includes links to other articles he has written on this most interesting case. Elsewhere, the Exmouth "smoking man's" story we mentioned on September 16 continues to have "legs" with Multiple Sightings of UFOs Chased by Helicopter in England. But is the most likely explanation not ET but something emanating from a nearby U.S./British joint airbase? And a Paul Stonehill interview asserts that a shooting war with UFOs occurred on the other side of the Iron Curtain in Russia's Secret UFO Files: Soviet Union Waged Cold War Conflict with Aliens. According to Stonehill, several direct engagements between Soviet aircraft and UFOs ended badly for the human participants. Surviving records of the Soviet program to determine the nature of UFOs would make very interesting reading, indeed. (WM)

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