If Dark Matter Can't Be Seen, What About Ghosts? - NPR

Many cosmological theories are unfalsifiable, for now, lending them the same gravitas as a good ghost story according to Adam Frank. It sounds 'right', but nobody can prove you wrong. So what's keeping concepts like dark matter, dark energy, dark waffles, and so on, from littering the roadside of scientific progress? Well that's where our materialist friends begin encroaching upon the epistemological, much to the dismay of hard-liners. At least Mike Brown and Konstantin Batygin are poised to put their hypothetical money where their materialist mouth is in the near future. The Hunt For Planet Nine Is Afoot, and Chris Savia shows us the sweet spot where Nibiru, Yuggoth, Rupert, or "Phattie" may be rolling without lustre or aim. Some strangeness further from home has Astronomers Baffled By Strange New Twin Planets apparently inflated by the heat of their parent stars. A discovery like this could grant insight on the origins of our own solar system, and the potential migration of gas giants over the aeons. (CS)

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