I Left The CIA To Become A Psychic Medium - New York Post

After years of whispers concerning the CIA's psychic black-ops programs, Jessica Brodkin makes it clear to Kristin McNamara this shady agency wants nothing to do with people who hear voices. It's funny how her life got stranger after leaving the CIA. Not everyone gets out of the government alive and Beryl Lipton wants to introduce everyone to The State Department Spokesman Who Died... And Kept Speaking for at least thirty years. Looks like Washington has spooks at all echelons, but some aren't kept entirely secret except through obscurity. While heading deeper down the rabbit hole, we were surprised to bump into Jason Colavito who spoke at length on how A Diffusionist Writer Sicced The FBI On The Fortean Society For Rejecting His Anti-Columbus Book back in 1947. Neither side is sympathetic and the status of America's alphabet soups as a bogeyman hasn't changed one bit. (CS)

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