Hill Star Map -- Badly Out of Date - A Different Perspective

Kevin Randle once again proposes reevaluating Marjorie Fish's interpretation of the star map Betty Hill purportedly was shown by her alien abductors. Randle questions several of Fish's basic assumptions, asserting that the information Fish used to identify the star systems on the map is outdated and there are now too many problems to consider her reconstruction reliable. Another revisionist view concerning a famous early abduction case is The UFO and the Pink Triangle -- The Tujunga Canyon Abductees. Based on a reading the Ann Druffel & D. Scott Rogo book The Tujunga Canyon Contacts, David Halperin's essay is an interesting effort at historical reconstruction, whether or not readers will be persuaded that "the women's abduction experiences were embedded in their earthly lives, social and sexual." And Release of Britain's Last Secret UFO-Files Again Postponed tells us that a German news-blog has elicited an admission that the planned, delayed release by the British National Archives of 18 UFO-related files has hit a snag and the date of their availability cannot be predicted. Hmmm. (WM)

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