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The demise of English pubs continues, their numbers having dwindled by around 90% in recent years, so landlords need all the help they can get. One of England's oldest watering holes, Ye Olde Man and Scythe, has suffered an incident of ghost-napping and the owner wants his spooky resident returned. The ghost of James Stanley who was executed outside the pub in 1644 has drawn generations of patrons to the pub, but without permission (from this side of grave) a Shanghai artist has captured it in a bottle and taken it for a world tour. Yes, you read that right. And staying with spooks-on-show, Dana Matthews writes of Conjuring in Connecticut: [A] Rare Glimpse Inside The Infamous Warren Occult Museum. Ed and Lorraine Warren "dedicated their lives" to paranormal phenomena and their collection of scary stuff is housed in their own museum. Though rarely open nowadays, the star of the show is Annabelle, a haunted doll blamed for all sorts of nasty stuff, but despite her reputation the museum's "Evening With Annabelle" event is sold out. Dana also tells us of Blood, Blackouts, and a Blade: This Haunted Ritual Sword Possessed a Woman with the Urge to Kill. Her own "Traveling Museum of the Paranormal & the Occult" recently acquired a plain-looking sword, donated by the father of a boy who had used it "to summon all manner of demons". Initially unimpressed by the item, Dana's view changed when a member of the public handled the sword and became filled with murderous intent until it was forcefully removed from her grip. (LP)

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