Eight-Foot Werewolf May Be Legendary Beast of Barmston Drain - Mysterious Universe

Another werewolf sighting has been reported in Halsham, England. Seems a woman who rescues animals for a living was driving down a dark road late one night when what she thought was a fox stood up on its hind legs and moved toward her car. While we're inclined to think she must have been very tired and the darkness was playing tricks on her eyes, we have to assume that as an animal rescue worker this witness would not have frightened easily and could no doubt distinguish between animal and human, even in the shadows. We have no idea what she saw, but we wouldn't mind going over to have a look...from the safety of a Humvee perhaps. In other cryptid news, DNA Results: “Wessie� Skin Is Anaconda. Westbrook, Maine, would appear to be overrun with giant snakes, Well, perhaps not overrun since authorities can only prove the existence of one,  but we would expect as a general rule that living in Maine would preclude any possibility of constriction death by anaconda. Most likely a "pet" released into the wild, the sightings of this non-venomous but highly dangerous serpent serve as a reminder that some creatures are not meant to be sold as pets, and some individuals are not meant to be the guardians of any living creature. (CM)

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