Eerily Bizarre Cases of Mysterious Vanished Children - Mysterious Universe

There is nothing more chilling than a child disappearing without a trace, so you may be surprised to learn that this is not an occasional occurrence. Read this article if you dare, and then log onto Amazon and order that safety harness you've been thinking about. But don't be afraid if you hear something odd. Source of strange noise which woke up Hinckley folk is identified. You may for an instant think we are being invaded by aliens finally, but the cause of that noise is much more mundane. In other news, Mysterious Neolithic Stone to be Dug Up, Studied, Reburied. Archeologists will be photographing the Concho stone in great detail, then reburying it before the feet of tourists and the hands of vandals can damage this artifact. We don't recommend hopping on a plane to Scotland to see the stone in person. This is one of the times a postcard has to be good enough. (CM)

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