Dr. Jeffrey Long’s, God and the Afterlife – Science & Spirituality Have Collided - Skeptiko

Alex Tsakiris conducts an insightful interview with Dr. Jeffrey Long, author of God and the Afterlife, and the results are stunning. Dr. Long explains how he took his meticulous and thorough attention to detail as an oncology doctor and applied them to an extensive study of NDE's. We'd tell you more but we're busy running to the bookstore, which we recommend you do as well if you would like an answer to the question Can Your 'Self' Survive Death? Robert Lawrence Kuhn from Closer To Truth dissects mind and self and lays out the details for our edification. For some lighter reading we would like to direct our readers to I’ll See Your Fear of Death and Raise you Some Existential Anxiety. Esoterx points out the elephant in the room: our human tendency of hedging our bets just in case we have to answer for anything when we die. And then he mocks us, as well he should. (CM)

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