Dogs, Dog Walkers, and UFOs - Syracuse New Times

We think ufology is or should be a serious study, but that doesn't mean many aspects aren't fascinating and, at times, just doggone fun. Such with the nuggets Cheryl Costa lists, evoked by conversations at the recent MUFON Symposium. Costa and confreres suggest that dogs and their owners are responsible for a high percentage of UFO reports. Anglers, also out and about at all times, may be the source of the now-second earliest post-Arnold Northern Irish report, says Fortean Ireland in Northern Ireland's Earliest Saucer Sighting. Elsewhere, Rich Reynolds is troubled by the cavalier attitude displayed in some dismissive skeptical explanations for the Kelly-Hopkinsville reported encounter in An Attack of Aliens (From Space), Owls, Or "Creatures From The Id?" We have previously noted that there is poetry in Mystery; Susan Lepselter's The Resonance of Unseen Things: Politics, Power, Captivity and UFOs in the American Uncanny takes that literally. Reviewing the book in Unseen, Unknown, Unknowable, John Rimmer is struck by what the absolute vastness of America may contribute both to shaping its UFO narratives, and the European difficulty in understanding their backdrop. (WM)

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