Can You Improve Physical Skills While Dreaming? - Brain Blogger

The concept of mental rehearsal is nothing new, but potential for practicing and training in lucid dreams catches Dr. Carla Clark's fancy. She shares the particulars of a recent study concluding physical practice and lucid dreaming share the same beneficial effects. Another productivity technique in dire need of investigation is bilocation, since all known accounts are anecdotal. One curious case involves The Honorable Apparition of Sir Carne Rasch appearing while the original was convalescing at home. This is no mere hallucination nor fancy of one man, as EsoterX's dug up others going on record of having seen their colleague and attesting there was no way Frederic could've been there. Which brings us to this colorful account from Tracy Morgan On How "SNL" Helped His Recovery And The "Comedy Gods" He Met In Heaven. (CS)

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