Bottomless Pit in the Californian Desert - Beachcombing's Bizarre History Blog

Dr. Beachcombing reminisces about the 1960s when Charles Manson built a sect that pledged follow him to the bottomless pit in Death Valley. This pit, which Manson himself could not locate, was purported to be filled with the last specimens of all enlightened but dying races, and would provide the protection required for the impending race war that would destroy the world. The good doctor points out that it was a testimony to Manson's charisma and leadership that he was able to convince his followers of something so inherently ridiculous. Maybe they also thought Charlie could explain How Can Solid Objects Appear Out of Thin Air? Malcolm Smith offers us a goose pimply report on apports, objects which appear and disappear, a common poltergeist phenomenon for which no explanation can be offered. From ink pots dropping from the ceiling to tools appearing in rooms apart from the locked tool cabinet, to exploding eggs appearing out of nowhere...You'd think with all these reports we'd have some idea what was going on, but alas, we do not as yet. Read on, and try not to keep watch out of the corner of your eye. (CM)

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