Blenny For Your Thoughts - Heuvelmans's Midget Blenny (As Was), To Be Precise - ShukerNature

Dr. Shuker plies his trade well with this and his accompanying post Turning Up Like A Bad Blenny - A Small But Deadly Middle Eastern Mystery Fish? Research into newly discovered species are his forte, and the doctor's report on blennies makes interesting what might normally be a very dry read. We are thus reminded that there is more undiscovered life on this planet than discovered, and that not all discoveries are based in reality. And a loose definition of reality is how this Artist Tricks Tourists With Elaborate Monument To Staten Island Ferry Octopus Attack. A practical joker with mean sculpting and media skills, Joe Reginella plays on the gullibility of the New York population with the Staten Island Ferry Disaster Memorial Museum. We'll take a  handful of ferry tickets please...(CM)

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