Bigfooter Dr. Thomas Scott Ruh Has Died - CryptoZooNews

With heavy hearts we regret to inform our readers that Dr. Thomas Scott Ruh has passed away. Dr. Ruh was a passionate squatcher with a penchant for gifting the hairy guys and recording their vocals. He was decent, meticulous, and a good friend to many. Dr. Ruh, you will be missed, but now you know the Sasquatch secrets...As the late doctor watches on from the other side, we ask the question, Is Idaho County squatchy? According to Bwana, that area of the US is populated by neanderthal-like hairless folk tossing cases of beer about like so many couch cushions. Oh, and peeping toms, so probably not the kind of company Sasquatch would want to keep. But keep looking people. We also have news of Bigfoot ‘Spotted’ In Video Footage Taken On Caerphilly Mountain. There's no video link whatsoever on the news post though, so we have to assume Jason Parsons from Cardiff was so startled by what he was recording that he dropped his camera down the mountainside to be lost forever. Or he was mugged by Bigfoot. Clearly anything is possible when you use your imagination. (CM)

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